5 Simple Steps How To Unjam A Nail Gun

5 Simple Steps How To Unjam A Nail Gun

Nail guns are efficient power tools that are used in driving nails and staples into metal, wood and some other materials. They are utilized in the stead of the customary hand-held mallet as a result of their convenience and brisk outcomes.

Since nail guns get such a great amount of utilization on construction sites, they jam quite frequently. The task of unjamming a nail gun is amazingly simple, yet appropriate safety precautions must be followed to avoid injuries.

Why does a nail gun jam?

Nail guns are consistently utilized at a very high rate in areas like construction sites. This makes nail guns like the Bostitch N62FNK-2 more inclined to jams.  The more a nail gun gets used, the more probable you are to encounter a jam.

Jams can likewise happen when you are trying to drive a nail into a material, and there is something hindering the site of passage. In the event that you unintentionally put a nail in a spot where another nail is, it will probably constrain your nail toward the exit point of the gun and thereby result in a jam.

Safety first

Before tending to any issue with your nail gun, evacuate every power source, such as the fuel cell and the battery. Once your nail gun becomes inoperative, you can then proceed to clear the jam, however, make sure to keep it facing far from you.

Follow the simple steps below to unjam your nail gun:


1- Turn off the power source
Start by ensuring that the gun is turned off. Ensure that air is not stuck and then remove the batteries or cord. With that, you have maintained a strategic distance from it being turned on by mistake when working on it.

Now place a white rag underneath the nail gun to be able to see the nail effortlessly after ejecting it out from the barrel. As warned earlier, always ensure that the gun facing is far from you, to avoid any face injury that can happen when taking a shot at this undertaking.

2- Open up the barrel
The next action is to open the barrel and find the release switch. This will enable you to release the stuck or jam nails. Please note that you won’t find this switch with every nail gun. Most up to date models do, however numerous older models don’t.

So don’t freeze in the event that you don’t see one on your nail gun. On the off chance that your nail gun doesn’t have a release switch, then look inside the barrel to check for any nail that is lying down or in reverse position. So be calm to examine it in order to choose the next line of action.

3- Evacuate the stuck nails
In the event that you find a nail stuck in your gun, it is either you try pulling it out using a plier or use another nail to pry it out. Continue doing either of these until the point when the nail eventually gets out.

This might cost you much time, but if you are persistent enough, you will definitely get the job done sooner rather than later. Once more, this is just if your gun doesn’t have a release switch or on the off chance that they are actually stuck at the exit point.

4- Organize and refill
Evacuate the nails that might not be facing where they normally should be facing and refill the nail gun with nails facing the opening or the correct direction.

5- Close up and restore the power source
Close up the barrel and reestablish the power source. The power source will probably be batteries or power cord. At that point, you can start using the nail gun again.

Here is a great video that can help you unjam a nailgun.


It is normal for a jam to happen, so don’t feel upset when it occurs. Most likely you will experience a jam eventually while utilizing your nail gun, however, that doesn’t mean there is no real way to keep jamming from occurring in any case.

You can avoid most jam situations by regularly inspecting the nails to ensure they are set up as they should. If you actually set aside time to inspect, you would definitely discover early indications of a possible jam and avoid it before happening. Over the long haul, setting aside time to inspect your nails will spare you from several unjams later on.

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