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Nail Gun Maintenance

Nail Gun Maintenance : Proper Guide To Be Adequately Followed

Nail Gun Maintenance: The Complete Guide

Nail guns are to a great degree solid and intended to withstand intense working conditions. Nonetheless, much the same as any machine that is worked to last; they need to be maintained regularly in order to upkeep their execution and for as long as they could!

It is suggested that you clean and greases up your nail gun for each 50,000 shots. In the event that it’s being utilized in a filthy condition or nailing at a very high rate for a long period of time, at this point, maintenance should be done regularly. Cleaning nail gun is simple and should not take more than 15 minutes.

Be familiar with your nail gun

Nails guns are basic tools, yet they should be taken care of with extraordinary care. Many workers get injured every year due to misfired nails. Make sure to buy tools that meet all the normal safety standards.

Before using your nail gun, ensure to adequately read the owner’s manual and acclimatize yourself with the safety features and fundamental parts of the gun. Never try to alter the tool in any capacity.

1- Unplug the nail gun before Performing Maintenance

To carry out any routine maintenance or cleaning, ensure to turn off the nail gun and disconnect it beforehand. Take the tool to an uncluttered clear area where there is plenty of light. Utilize clean nails that are free from rust for your nail gun.

2- Utilize air tool oil

When utilizing a nail gun, few drops of oil are added before beforehand. Typically, these drops are added at the base of the gun, yet you will like to also add a couple of drops of air device oil to the moving parts of the nail gun.

In case you will be using the nail gun for the whole of the day, you ought to be doing this intermittently all through your session in order to certify that the nail gun moves easily. The normal do’s of thumb is making sure that all moving parts are oiled, so one could rest assured that the gun is adequately lubricated.

3- Check the air hose

This is the part which conveys air directly from the tool’s compressor unto the end of the nail gun. Inspect the valves interfacing the hose to the gun’s compressor, and those associating the hose to the finish of the weapon.

These ought to be really tight in order to avoid air leakage from the nail gun. Also look out for indications of any damage around the hose, and if vital refit another hose. You may likewise need to consider securing a hose reel to make sure your hose doesn’t lay on the floor while using the gun, as this could damage the hose, and harm the user. Find

Nail Gun Maintenance

4- Grease up the air fitting

As mentioned above that you have to oil every part of your nail gun, however, you likewise need to grease up the air fitting. You should simply put about 4 to 5 drops of oil into the gun’s air fitting every day. There are many O-rings within the gun’s air fitting, and in order to ensure these O-rings are lubricated properly, you can make use of your fingers.

5- Clean the feed system

An unquestionable duty to be done on any air-filled nail gun. Every day upkeep is required for a nail gun feed system. How you would go about it is to use a can filled with compressed air to blow away any debris or dust that might be stuck within the nail gun feed system.

You can likewise wipe off the feed system before proceeding to use air. It is highly recommended to use a rag that wouldn’t jam the feed system by leaving any piece of fabric behind.

6- Check the Battery

In case you are utilizing a cordless nail gun, check the battery monthly and also find its expiration date. Some batteries or fuel cell, contingent upon the model, will have their expiration date or drop their charge level after sometimes. This is ought to be done on a monthly basis, particularly in the event that you see that the level by which your gun retains charge has come down.

Nail Gun Maintenance

7- Tighten bolts and screw monthly

It’s very vital to tighten any bolt or screw on your nail gun. Your nail gun screws could have been loosened by the vibration and substantial utilization of these nail guns. You might need to check your nail guns immediately just to see if the screws are tight after unpacking.

Note: Oil the moving parts, grease up the air fitting clean the feed system every day.


As we all know, a nail gun is simply an automatic tool that discharges nails onto wood, metal or any other construction materials with incredible force. In the event that you are working on building project or large-scale rebuilding, a nail gun is a vital tool and for that, should be adequately taken care of.

The above-mentioned guide will help you through inadequately maintaining your nail gun.

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